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SISNA has partnered with DSL Extreme to offer DSL Internet service in most major cities throughout the United States. Get a cost-effective, continuous High-Speed Internet connection that is up to 50 times faster than dial-up. DSL also allows you to connect multiple computers to a single connection making it a perfect solution for home-based businesses and other small to medium-sized businesses.
How does DSL Work?
DSL provides your subscribers with high-speed Internet access over existing copper telephone lines. No special wires are necessary; just the plain old phone lines that are already out there. DSL utilizes a bridge or router at the customer location, which connects to a Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer (DSLAM) in the telephone company Central Office (CO).

The DSLAM is property of our partners, who lease space in the CO from the local telephone company to co-locate the DSLAM. The copper phone lines that connect to the modem at the end-user location are the property of the local telephone company. These companies lease a copper line from the telephone company and connect this leased line to the DSLAM in the CO, thus enabling the high-speeds of which DSL is capable.

The Benefits of DSL

Phone Line Qualification:
In order to signup for DSL services from DSL Extreme, your phone number must first be prequalified. Click the signup button below and we will take you to where you can check your phone number to find out what types of DSL your phone line qualifies for.

DSL Internet